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Feel free to contact me using one of channels described here.

Main contacts

  • E-Mail: pztrn at this domain (see below for additional info).
  • Telegram: @pztrn
  • Socialized: its@pztrn.online (Friendica, GNU social/ActivityPub/Diaspora compatible)
  • Delta Chat: delta@pztrn.name

Or use chat widget in right bottom of every page.


Address: pztrn at this domain

GPG key:

0CBF 84CD 3BAD 50C4 CA13  3BC6 1E94 4A0F 0568 B550


I am available as:

  • pztrn @ OFTC
  • pztrn @ Libera Chat

Validate me via whois. On Libera Chat:

Logged in as: pztrn
Host mask: ~pztrn@user/pztrn
Real name: Stanislav N.
Secure connection: Yes


22:14 -- [pztrn] (~pztrn@00027209.user.oftc.net): Stanislav N.
22:14 -- [pztrn] user has identified and verified with services
22:14 -- [pztrn] is connected via SSL (secure link)


I might be available or not via these channels:

  • Patchwork: @iakmd9A9jQejsqrzuCu4HkmjsCSFRnVtDmNP3rz825s=.ed25519
  • Tox: 108982223A946430EAA5C1906C5B16F527694A03167F75EFE7439789BFDC4F0335E482EAA475
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